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John Castaldo

Q.  What was the first trick you performed, and what motivated you to devote yourself to magic?

The vanishing cigarette trick. If you can fool your family, that’s the ultimate thing. That’s how everybody gets started. If you
fool an adult as a child, you have power over them. That is the addiction.

Q  In the past, you’ve shared the stage with tigers, and performed escapes. Have you ever had a harrowing experience?

A water tank escape. I lost the release on it the first time, and I was locked underwater. I was trapped there. You train to hold your breath longer, so... I had to calm down and find it myself and finally get out of it. That was a scary thing.

Q.  How did you hone your sleight of hand?

When I set a goal to perform close-up magic, I practiced eight hours a day for three years before I got the first job, and I’m not exaggerating. You can ask my wife; she went through all that.

Q.  As you become a magician, how does your relationship to magic change?

When you first see magic, you have that kind of wonder: How in the world did that happen? That amazement. When you learn all the effects, (that changes, but) you (can capture) the same feeling … from watching the reaction of other people. The feeling of creating that wonder … in other people is what keeps you doing it.

Q.  Thanks to y our ventriloquism, some other folks will be on stage?

Normally , a 98-y ear-old man. His name’s Henry . I may put in two new ones. I call (one) the oldest magician in history , over
2,000 y ears. (I’ll say ,) ‘Ev en wood rots.’ (He’ll reply ,) ‘Not me, I’m petrified.’ His name is Thurston.

By Renee Tomell, rtomell@my

Downers Grove Reporter
Posted Sept. 27, 201 1 @ 12:00 PM

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SOLD OUT!  ROCKWOOD TAP HOUSE SHOW - Downers Grove, IL on October 15, 2011

"Brought our good friends to enjoy the show with us.  Great magic and the introduction of "little Mike" was so entertaining.  John's ventriloquism was very funny and the whole show was upbeat, happy and well presented.  Compliments to Kristen and Daniel who complimented John and Mike's show perfectly."  Matt & Mari Anna

SOLD OUT!  ROCKWOOD TAP HOUSE SHOW - Downers Grove, IL on April 16, 2011

"We had a great time at the show.  Especially liked the razor blade trick - the magic was mind boggling but the comedy and personalities made it extra special.  Thoroughly enjoyed John and Magic Mike."  Wendy & Rich

"We attended your Magic Show at Rockwood Tap Grill...what a crowd!!!  Dinner before the show was presented perfectly and the food was excellent!  From the time we arrived everyone was greeted and made to feel welcome.  The show was interesting and funny, brought members of the audience in to different parts of the show in such expert and humorous ways.  Our favorite illusion was the paper rose that became a real one.  And we cannot figure out how the scarf passes through the microphone pole either!  Thanks for a great evening out!  We loved it all!"  Matt & Mari Anna

"I'd like to take the time to share my thoughts regarding The Maestros of Magic Show.  I'm 30 years old and I've never been to a magic show a day in my life.  I must admit that not only did the show exceed any expectations for that I had, but the comedy along with the presentation was unparalleled to any show I've ever witnessed.  If I had to rate out of 5 stars, I'd give it a 6; if I had to give the show 2 thumbs up, I'd give my toes as well.  Bottom line, great show, great atmosphere, and great magic.  The performers truly live up to the name "Maestros of Magic"!  Best Regards,"  Donny

GUAVA SHOW - Westmont, IL on March 20, 2010

"The Magic Show" was great!  Actually, 'magic show' doesn't even begin to describe the experience.  It's so much more.  My girlfriend and I couldn't stop talking about it!  How y'all are able to do the things you's amazing.  Even 'up close and personal'.  Not only do my words NOT do your talent and skill justice, but who knew we were in for tons of laughs too!  Can't wait to catch your next show guys.  Hey John, you should be playing Vegas baby!  You rock!"  Body Med Spa

"John and Mike are a great team and put on a very entertaining show.  They have a combination of exceptional magic, illusions, humor and ventriloquism in their show that will leave you laughing, amazed and sometimes baffled!!! I'm still wondering "how'd they do that???"  Lucy

"The Maestros of Magic" performed at Guava to a full house. It was far better than I expected and the energy was awesome!  We can't wait to have them back. I wish we had more seats."  Jeff

"We enjoyed the show at the Guava, especially Henry.  This is an exciting magic duo that always amazes the audience!"  Miki

"Just wanted to drop you a note to tell you what a great show "The Maestros of Magic" put on at the Guava restaurant in Westmont.  The time went by so fast.  It's true 'time flies when you're having fun'!  I really liked the ventriloquism John did, especially Henry.  His irreverence is hilarious and his ability to interact with the crowd is spellbinding.  You forget that he's just a puppet.  You guys really kept the audience involved.  It seemed that just about everyone raised their hands so they could be an 'assistant', well maybe not everyone, but many.  Mike really interacted well with the audience and you had to pay attention to get take in all of the humorous dialog.  The illusions were really good.  There were too many good tricks to pick a "best one" but the floating table always amazes me.  As hard as I try, I just cannot figure out how you make it float.  Keep the jokes and fun coming.  Can't wait for your next show!"  Sharon


"We want to thank you for the fabulous performance at Rolling Green Country Club.  Your combination of magic and laughs was a great fit for our 9 Hole Golf & Social Mixer.  You kept everyone laughing and amazed the whole evening!" Our event was a great success as a result of your show and we hope to have you back soon!"  Sherri & Gordon


"The Maestros made our evening magical!  Being the opening act to our church's 20th anniversary celebration was a tough gig, but they did it with humor and awe-inspiring illusion.  Our crowd was quite diverse, children to seniors, edgy to conservative, and yet they captured everyone's attention.  Many left baffled at the tricks, scratching their heads, others were wiping their tears, and quite a few were repeating the witty jokes.  Thanks Mike and John; you were terrific!"  Pastor Rodney


"Thanks again for a wonderful 50th birthday event.  Mary and I will always remember your kindness, your majesty, and of course, the $100 bill found in the lemon.  How did you do that?!  I have spoken to at least half of our 200 guests and each one, without hesitation, said that they went away 'wowed' by the experience.  One of the best parts of the evening was when you were willing to hang around after the event and amaze us with your close up magic.  I have to be honest after seeing your act many times, I am still blown away.  Even when people are right there hanging over your shoulder, they still come away shaking their heads in amazement.  All I can say is always do what you do, because you make alot of things disappear but the smiles on the faces around you will never fade.  Thank you."  Jon & Mary

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